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Alina Lightbringer is a human light cleric. She was born in 9,978 B.E. to unknown parents.


Alina is a 20 year old human. She is 5'8" with blonde hair and blue eyes. Alina focuses her energy on the people around her and is constantly striving to respect and help the life blooming around her. She is heavily religious and devoutly worships Elodius. She has a horse named Cupcake.

Before Our Adventure[]

Abandoned as a child, Alina was left on the doorstep of the Temple of Life. She was raised there by Prodicius Lightbringer, who gave her an undisclosed name. He taught that life is a cyclic light that comes and returns to the Broken Earth. As she continued to worship and study, Alina became more and more gifted. She grew close to Cupcake the horse over the years of caring for her, and at 16, she set out with her steed to offer medicinal help to those in need. She soon settled in Elodia and managed a medicinal practice, The Faerie Torch. This came with considerable loans from slimy investor, Baxter Sherman.

Alina gained respect and the nickname Faerie Torch among the Elodian people after a devastating outbreak of river plague. She worked tirelessly and charitably to cure the afflicted. Because she healed without the expectation of compensation during that nightmare, she wasn't able to pay back what she owed when Sherman's men came for collection. They burned down The Faerie Torch and her home above; the people she had helped came to her aid and hid her in their homes as she was hunted. Eventually she ran into Velja Than, who had been tasked to kill her. Velja had been healed of the river plague by Alina, and out of gratitude and possibly cowardice, they agreed to tell Baxtor that she had been killed. Jennifer Salsworth, the founder of Domestic Life Relief and Aid Services, came to her and suggested she continue her good work there. It was at this point that she abandoned the name given to her by Prodicius and lived on as Alina Lightbringer.

She continued to help people through various problems, and still carries the legacy of being the Faerie Torch with her. Alina introduced Valanth Ladin and Judas Brimstone to the organization despite some initial protesting from Salsworth.