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Alta Rapids is the current Queen of the Rapids monarchy.


Alta is a tall, racially ambiguous woman. She is 648 years old and is very slight and knobbly. Her voice is soft, but commanding. She presents herself like a proper ruler with impeccable manners and empathy. Alta has been ruling Elodia for most if not all of the living population's lifespan. She spends much of her time giving her people audience and throwing celebrations of life.

Life History[]

Alta was born in 9,350 B.E. to Orlaine and Kar-Tik Rapids. She was raised exclusively within Elodia's walls, a tradition stemming back to the origin of the city. The Rapids bloodline is known to attempt to reflect the races of their people, and the Rapids are a unique mix of elf, soft orc, and dragonborn. Alta's parents kept her mind and body in peak condition, which Alta herself continued after her parent's death when she was 57. She ruled quietly and well until marrying Kin-Ail on her 100th birthday. He seemed to liven her spirit and Alta became more and more available to her people. She had a child, Kha-Im Rapids. In 9,598 B.E., Kin-Ail left with a large portion of the city guard and never returned. Alta ordered the construction of the Fey Gate in the hopes of preventing others from losing their way. Construction was completed a few years later. She has been peacefully maintaining her rule of Elodia and preparing her son to become king as she continues to age.