Nine gods came together to create the Broken Earth.

The Gods










World History

In the beginning, the plane was empty. The gods Ordus and Chaos met together, and decided to build a blueprint of the world. They presented this plan to the other gods and asked for their input. The nine gods were all pleased by the concept and agreed to give something to the world to make it complete. Kippet covered the plane in earth and water. He got Elodius' help to create the foliage. She then continued to populate it with small creatures that grew in size and complexity. At this point, Morkith decided that the creatures upon their earth should worship them. Many gods agreed and began asking for sacrifices. Morkith used the promise of control and power to his worshippers, and the world soon became overrun with them. In an attempt to keep the world shared between them, Ordus, Chaos, Kippet, and Elodius asked the remaining gods to give something to the world that would balance it. Frella gifted the more intelligent creatures the ability to understand their self-hood. Philopie gave them knowledge. Kaliepys granted them pleasure. Engor, the god with the littlest investment in the world copied Kaliepys' concept and offered the creatures inhibition. This birthed free-will among the peoples of the earth.

The eight gods anger towards Morkith was the first stone cast that began the breaking of the earth. He was overrun with the desire for power and the gods cornered him to a narrow bridge of earth between modern day Dwarve's Landing and the Fey Gate. It was the first foundation to crumble. Engor stopped responding to the calls of his worshipers and the other gods and drifted off the end of the earth, causing the breakage in the east. Frella, overwhelmed with her concepts of self-hood and god-hood split away as well, causing the Frellan Islands to break away from the heart of the earth. The relationship between Elodius and Kippet caused great rifts in the land, and rivers sprung forward between them. No one knows if there is anything to be done about the splitting of the earth, or if they must just pray the gods continue working together to keep it alive.

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