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Du'Wind is a city full of happy, sturdy people. They are mostly self sufficient, with plenty of farmland and resources to take care of their needs. It is located against the coastline and is well known as a port city for people taking a break from the harsh seas on their way elsewhere. Many people travel to Elodia through Du'Wind, as it is easier to take the rest of the journey on foot than it is to get through the narrow basin of the water-locked city. It is not very densely populated, and the people have plenty of space to wander and enjoy nature.


The people of Du'Wind, aside from travelers, primarily worship Elodius like the rest of Lushland. Many devout worshipers make a biyearly pilgrimage to the Temple of Elodius for its cultural and religious significance. Many people pass through the city that worship other gods, primarily Frella and Kaliepys, and the locals are welcoming of different religious identities and traditions.

Du'Wind Directory

  1. Full Use Tannery
  2. Gentle Howl Tavern
  3. Sea Market
  4. Du'Wind Temple
  5. Come All Ye Faithful
  6. Oceans and Beyond (go back for boats)
  7. Seed and Planter
  8. Playing Ground
  9. Du'Wind Offices
  10. Du'Wind Grocery
  11. Communal Supply
  12. Office of Apprenticeship
  13. Jasper's Woodwork
  14. Du'Wind Parks and Recreation
  15. The Neighborhood Guild
  16. Needle and Thread
  17. Falcon Alchemy
  18. Sparkle and Shine
  19. Outdoor Adventure Store
  20. Your Bardic Inspiration
  21. Salt and Pepper
  22. Iron Fire Bakery
  23. Iron Fire Weaponry