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Elodia is the largest and one of the oldest cities in the Broken Earth. It is nestled between Dragon Marsh and three rivers; what little land border they have are walled, giving it optimal protection from outsiders. It has a population of 4,000; elves comprise the majority of the population, but there are quite a few humans, dragonborn, and tieflings as well. Elodia has five districts: Marsh Inland, Rapids' Elite, River's Edge, the Market District, and the Sand Slums. Elodius is the most worshipped god of the city.


Elodia was founded by the Rapids family. The orcs across the river in Du-Kah value nature above all else; they are strongly against the idea of settled civilization and are routinely willing to fight to maintain a nomadic culture. The Rapids were deemed soft orcs for their desire to claim, settle, and fortify land they could call their own. They were chased further and further west until they reached the river. With constant prayers of survival and life to Elodius, they jumped into the river and drifted downstream. After three days they reached the still waters of Dragon Marsh and were greeted by the dragonborn and aquatic creatures that lived there. The Rapids were helped to shore and taught methods of agriculture and how to survive in land strongly influenced by the fey. They settled and sent word back to other soft orcs in the east that there was a refuge for them to travel to. As more crossed the river, Elodia grew. Centuries of civilization and proximity to the fey altered the soft orcs until they were recognizable as a new race: elves.

Royal Family[]

The Rapids family were the first to journey across the river to new land. Alta Rapids is the current queen and resides in Rapids Castle. She was married to Kin-Ail. He was last seen leaving Elodia with a hunting party 400 years ago and they were never found again. It is widely believed that they were somehow tricked into visiting fey land, though no one knows for sure. Queen Alta ordered the construction of Fey Gate in order to prevent more people from disappearing, and it seems to have worked. Alta and Kin-Ail Rapids have one child, Kha-Im Rapids. He is the prince in waiting and Queen Alta is very determined to wed him so he will not rule alone when she has passed.

The Market District[]

The Market District is where you can find most of the shops of Elodia. It is the only district with a land border. The streets are old and worn down from centuries of use, meaning most buildings have a small set of stairs leading up to the front door. Many Elodians live above the shops they work at.


1. Elodian Gate Guard

2. Elodia Information Office

3. Plinkett Stables

4. Alta Rapids Statue

5. Rapids Convention Hall

6. Dragon Marsh Information Office

7. The Outdoor Store

8. Love Crafted Instruments

9. Big Gains Lottery

10. The Grub Hub

11. Wagon Wheel Repair Shop

12. Goblin Feed and Supply

13. Everything SOFT

14. Inndoors

15. Ice Milk and Malt

16. The Cute Adventurer Adjustments

17. The Cute Adventurer

18. Brimhold Financial Accounting

19. Estella Tailor and Design

20. Snug Glove

21. Hooded Figure

22. Strudel Pastries

23. Blossom's Floral Jewelry

24. Boot Sole

25. Scroll Scribe

26. Forks and Knives

27. Living Recovery

28. Mikal Sons' Mixed Drinks

29. Trinket Commission

30. Royal Office of Elodia

31. Herbs Galore Spice Store

32. Jordak Bakery

33. Bastor Hall Banquet Supply

34. Thalus Mental Relief Services

35. Kenku Translations

36. Fey Sap Dispensary


38. Elodia Residency Office

39. Medical Supplies Store

40. House Spouse Magic Shop

41. Hrothar Hot Drinks

42. Child's Play

43. Gentle Rest Funeral Home CURRENTLY UNNAVAILABLE

44. Milestone Engravers CURRENTLY UNNAVAILABLE

45. Tasty Morsels

46. Spinning Wheel Wool

47. Poisson Fine Dining

48. Mordechai Construction

49. Fire and Water Fine Goods

50. Burnt Tongue

51. Delilah's Seeds

52. Meat and Potatoes

53. Season's Design

54. Elodia Crier's Post

55. Temple of General Prayer

56. Healing Word

57. Flawless Finish

58. Rebecca's Healthy Snacks

59. Furball Pet Store

60. Furball Pet Supply

61. Chop It Self Defense

62. House of Herbivores

63. Domestic Life Relief and Aid Services

64. Expecting

65. Super Nanny Services

66. Dragon Smoke

67. Yesteryear Antiques

68. Paint Bucket

69. Marketplace Hair

70. Fenna's Body Art

71. Black Rock Cookware

72. Just Add Spikes

73. Uba Deliveries

74. Father Mikal Mead

75. Stationary

76. Life Like

77. Elodia Post Office

78. Marsh Steam Yoga

79. All Day Breakfast

80. Doodad

81. Juice It

82. Hopps

83. Help Yourself Self Help

84. Beakwood Home Furniture

85. Lustor Flooring

86. Engagement Jewelry

87. Sparkie's Fireworks

88. Kissy's Flower Shop

89. Gritsky's Goblin Warehouse

River's Edge[]

The majority of the middle class lives within River's Edge. It is comprised of fishers, farmers, and most of the people who work in the Market District. It's mainly residential.


1. Merchant's Inn

2. River's Edge Daycare

3. River's Edge Park

4. Hill Farm Butchery

5. Hill Farm Produce

6. Kate Ashlyn Armor

7. Kate Ashlyn In Arms

8. Enchante Enchantments and Identification

9. Bayloft Dining

10. Charitable Gift Thrift

11. Office of Merchant Apprenticeship

12. Educate Yourself

13. Dr. Cod's Goblin Behavioral Therapy

14. Adelaide's Fabrics

15. Jacket and Hyde

16. Seamstress Adelaide

17. Floomin Broom-In

18. Soothing Touch Apothecary

19. Home Away From Home

20. Cuckoo For Clocks

21. Safe and Sound Lock and Repair

22. Meagle's Convenience

23. Tell-a-Friend Postcards

24. Elodia Newsrack

Rapids' Elite[]

Rapids' Elite is the nicest district of Elodia. The majority of the upper class resides here, aside from those living within the castle walls. Many of the buildings began within ancient trees, and have since been built upon to provide more space for the increased comfort of the wealthy.


1. Elodia Library

2. Kin-Ail Rapids Park

3. Elodia Courthouse

4. Greene Grocer

5. Inkwell Commissions

6. Royal Bank of Elodia

7. Pita Keen Vineyards

8. Rapids Auditorium

9. Rapids' Elite Education Hall

10. Trinity Instruments, Lessons, and Sheet Music

11. Tailor Fleetlan

12. Fey Wood Furniture

13. Self Made

14. Gritsky's Service

15. Carston's Family Practice

16. Boxes and Bags

17. Finer Art

18. Peaceful Nights Inn

19. Eau De Parfum

20. Temple Elodia

21. Cobble Road Bakery

22. Billow Hattery

23. Buckles and More

24. Kaliepys' Fortune

25. Mocha Coffee

26. Preston's Pretzels

Marsh Inland[]

Marsh Inland is the oldest district of Elodia. It is along the coast of Dragon Marsh and mainly serves as an entrance to their city. Rapids Castle is located in the far west of the district. Much of the architecture here is comprised of ancient trees, which the first settlers of Elodia carved out to provide shelter for themselves.


1. Rapids Castle

2. Marsh Market

3. Bikkel's Gift Shop

4. Fish Are Friends

5. See Green

6. Mitski's Clothing

7. Dragon Ink

8. Land Ho Tavern and Inn

9. Pearl Jewelers

10. Prawn n' Pawn

11. Bubble Trouble Apothecary

12. Water Weld Metal Work

13. Cry Me A River Brewery

14. Duck Tail Diner

15. Croaking Toad Music Lessons

16. Albora's Mysterious Trinkets

17. Well-Read Underwater Enchantments

18. Muzell's Artifacts and Fossils

19. Weather-Proof Leather

20. Marsh Supply Store

21. Kippa's Scale Care

22. Marsh Farm Butchery

23. Stradt Grocery

24. Goblin Quarters

25. The Steamy Bathhouse

The Sand Slums[]

Most of the tiefling population lives within the Sand Slums. This is the only district with a wall border separating it from the rest of the city. It is where the majority of the lower class resides, and it's a tight-knit, supportive community mainly comprised of fishers and farmers. The Sand Slums' architecture reflects its community, with older buildings falling prey to rot and other environmental damage. It shares a border with the coast, and much of the land is hard-packed dirt and dusted with sand.


1. Elodia Prison

2. Elodia Office of Immigration

3. Beach Market

4. Selthin Legal Aid

5. Sapstone Fruits and Vegetables

6. Buta's Balm

7. Coats and More

8. Super Shivs

9. Reminders Of Over The Dune

10. Hokinn's Cured Meats

11. Temple of Kaliepys

12. Ale and Other

13. Sand Spices