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Elves look as you would imagine: They are tall, thin, and agile with soft features and pointed ears. Elves live to be about 750 years old and don't reach maturity until they are 100. Elves tend to distinguish between each other with three categories: eladrin, wood elf, and drow. Eladrin are the most lawful elves whereas drow are the most chaotic.


Elves descended from soft orcs as they fled to protect their ideas of stable life instead of nomadic life. They originated in Elodia. Their race steadily began to shift due to the influence of the fey in this new land. Elf bloodlines with little travel into the wilderness became eladrin, distinct from the tan wood elves that settled in the open wilderness. Elf bloodlines that were beckoned into fey territory past the modern Fey Gate have darker, greyer skin and more wild tendencies.