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Kha-Im is the royal heir of Elodia. He is expected to take the title of King soon, as his mother's health is beginning to decline.


Like his mother, Kha-Im is extremely tall. He has a sturdy build and unruly hair. He has distanced himself from the public eye as he has grown older, and is now 438 years old. He is quite blunt and is highly aware of the responsibilities he is destined to assume after his mother's death. He spends much of his time in the castle, studying and practicing his skills.

Life History[]

Kha-Im was born in 9,560 B.E. To Alta and Kin-Ail Rapids. He has never left the city walls, as traditional with the Rapids family. He was raised around various tutors to strengthen both his mind and body, to prepare him for his future as king. He was erratic and excitable as a child, but after the disappearance of his father when he was 38, Kha-Im's personality hardened. He continues to prepare to be king, and has been slowly taking over some of his mother's responsibilities as she grows older.