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This is a list of all the people met and known of in the Broken Earth. Ctrl + F to search page.

The Faerie Torch Adventurers[]

Valanth Ladin

Alina Lightbringer

Renya the Forwaker

Judas Brimstone

People of Ebbensile[]

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People of Lushland[]


Gunthar Gritsky

Jimmy from Department B


Belor Noggin

Lawrence Noggin

Pippa Noggin

Sprinkle Noggin

Dewey Plinkett

Georgie Plinkett

Miss Plinkett

Alta Rapids

Kin-Ail Rapids

Kha-Im Rapids

Jennifer Salsworth

Baxter Sherman

Eryn Softstead

Even Thalus

Velja Tahn

Temple of Life[]

Prodicius Lightbringer

People of Seilsan[]

Kaliepys City[]

Peach Firmfoot

People of Du-Kah[]


Byron Petricov