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Plinkett Stables is owned and run by Miss Plinkett. She's highly respected for her diligent work-ethics and general kindness.


Horse Food: 5 CP per day

Saddles: 8 GP

Saddle bags: 4 GP


Horse Care Rates

Overnight: 1 GP per horse

Additional days: 5 SP per day


Gloria: 50 GP

A caramel colored horse with a soft white mane. She is quick to trust and love, but gets scared easily.

Berry: 50 GP

A dark brown horse littered with small white speckles. He is temperamental and will take a lot of handling, but is the perfect horse once he's willing to work with you.

Boots: 50 GP

A pale gray horse with black legs and tail. He takes a bit of prodding to start, but is very playful and brave once he gets going.

Fringe: 30 GP

A gray long-haired pony. She needs a little motivation but is a very smooth ride.