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Renya is a soft orc fighter. He was born 9,976 B.E. It is not known who his parents are.


Renya is 22 years old. He is fairly well known in Elodia due to being the only soft orc residing there. He is 6'3" with reddish-brown vitiligo skin and intricately done long, black hair. Renya is known to be quite aloof and blunt - some might call him rude or insensitive, but... well. He is also a true protector and loved by those he has saved. He sleeps like the dead.

He currently owns two pets:

-Sebastian: a little gray salamander (just needs water) 5hp; ☀ A smaller, grey salamander. He is fairly independent and feeds himself, but he will always love a shoulder ride!

-Solvig (SOHL-veeg): a larger red salamander (3cp a day/1g5c a month) 8hp; ☀ A stunning red salamander. She is quite needy, but extremely loyal.

Before Our Adventure[]

Nobody knows where Renya came from. He recalls little of his past, and only knows he was found along the shoreline when he was six or seven and brought to live with other orphans in the Gate Guard. It is assumed that he came from a family of soft orcs that were running to escape persecution from their clan. The consensus is that they must have been separated and the rest of his family perished in the whirlpools of the river while Renya was cast down the calmer waters towards Dragon Marsh. He was quickly signed up for therapy sessions with Dr. Thalus to try to uncover memories and cope with the trauma he'd been through. He keeps a therapy journal for some of his thoughts (note: potential spoilers?) as per Dr. Thalus' suggestions.

Renya became close with many of the other orphans as he grew up beside them, namely "older sister" Mafin, whom he adores. They were almost inseparable for quite some time, from childhood through their beginning years together working for the guard. For reasons they only refer to as the 'mission of mistakes,' Renya transferred to another unit. It wasn't much longer before he transferred out of the guard completely to work for Domestic Life Relief and Aid Services. He still spends much of his free time with his found family and the younger orphans that have come to live with the guard.