CamCampaign Wiki

This shop is run by Dew and Wyla Veech. They sell everything you need to make your plants thrive.


Ceramic Pot (Small): 5 CP

Ceramic Pot (Medium): 1 SP

Ceramic Pot (Large): 3 SP

Spade: 5 CP

Shovel: 8 CP

Mulch: 1 SP per pound

Watering Can: 5 CP

Vegetable Seeds: 3 CP

Root Bulbs: 3 CP

Fruit Seeds: 8 CP

Tree Seeds: 1 SP

Flower Seeds: 5 CP

Leafy Seeds: 3 CP

Potted Flowers: 5 SP


Dew and Wyla will take any potted plant in to try to nurse it back to health. They ask for 1 SP upfront, and 4 SP upon return.