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Valanth Ladin is an eladrin rogue that specializes in arcane trickery. She was born in 9,846 B.E. to parents Edgar and Sindica Ladin as a single child.


She is a 152 year old eladrin elf with pale skin and dark black hair. Val has silver-blue eyes. She is 5'1". She is somewhat socially awkward and slow to trust, but Valanth is fiercely loyal to those that she's let into her heart. She is making an effort to do good, or at least not do bad, but there are times where her impulsivity distract her from these goals.

Before Our Adventure[]

Valanth Ladin was born in the small village of Leaf-Let Falls. She was deeply loved by her parents and life was quiet for some time. When Val was 30 years old, the village was raided by bandits. She was kidnapped and taken across the river to Grimm, where she was sold to the wealthy and influential Byron Petricov. Life felt hopeless for some time, and she often felt like giving up. Perhaps by the grace of the gods, after twenty years of agony, Petricov was robbed. Valanth saw the intruder snatching valuables, and thankfully when she was noticed, the bandit chose to rescue her. The thief was a human named Eryn Softstead, hailing from Elodia. They travelled across the river again to the city, and Val was brought up by her and her fellow business partners operating out of Inndoors. They taught her how to pickpocket and steal without leaving a trace, and Valanth thrived with her found family. As she was nipping coin purses in the Market District, she was spotted by Alina Lightbringer. Alina approached her and offered her the chance to make a change in her life and do good for the people around her. Valanth, recalling the simple and happy times of her early childhood, eventually decided it couldn't hurt to try to be better, and she agreed to join Domestic Life Relief and Aid Services.